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To provide adult day care services to our clients in a safe, loving and family-oriented environment, while providing their families and caregivers with the support they need.


Is an innovative program in which all participants benefit both physically and emotionally from social interaction, stimulating activities, and three nourishing meals each day.
At Raven's we strive to enhance our participants' quality of life and provide a much-needed break for you. Your family member will enjoy the social satisfaction that comes with making new friends, the intellectual inspiration from practicing arts and hobbies, and all of the fun that accompanies our outings and museum visits.
Keeping an elderly loved one comfortable at home as long as possible is a goal that many of us share. But having the assurance that our loved one is safe and well cared for is what makes the Raven's Adult Day Care Center of Baltimore a feasible and ideal alternative. We strive to become an extension of your home environment through caring and personalized service.

We are open and accepting new participants


I am pleased, honored and humbled

to receive an award for three years on the rowBest in Baltimore for Social Services for 2020-2022.  

I want to thank everybody here at Raven’s Medical Adult Day Care Center who put their time, their talents and their hearts into providing excellent care to our participants every day. Let me assure you that we will provide a quality service and best care to our clients.

We are your extended family.
~Anna Kutin (Program Director) 

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We understand that caring for your loved ones is a labor of love that often becomes overwhelming when you feel as if you're going the journey alone.
It's not always possible for you to be there to take your family member to the doctor or assist with everyday obstacles, and that's where we're here to help. And while keeping your family comfortable at home is a priority, we also believe in the power of recreation and social involvement.
We're here to help you as the care giver just as much as we help your loved ones